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Time To Pick Your Turnkey Home

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The current housing market is crazy! More than crazy - it's gotten kind of stupid. People are afraid of missing out on a home so they are bidding over asking prices, buying a home without complete inspections, signing up for mortgage "gap" polices - in case the appraisal on the home comes in at less than the home is selling for... it doesn't have to be that way!

The first Cottages at Mona Kai home completed - 3593 Mona Kai Blvd, Muskegon, MI 49444

Buying a home - in perfect circumstances - is a pretty stressful exercise. Add to that all of the uncertainty and pressure the current conditions are adding and you have a recipe for an experience most of us wouldn't wish on an enemy...

Zillow Trends - "There Is Another Path To Consider"

Wouldn't it be nice to plan your dream home?

The current housing market has made the advantages of having a home built to your unique needs and specifications much more apparent - let's review a few of them:

1) You get exactly what you want. You decide on the floor plan and any of the "must have" elements that meet your requirements (like a quiet home office or a spa-like bathroom) and which things are less important or kept open for future improvements (like an unfinished basement space.

2) You get an energy efficient "smart home" from Day One. Wi-Fi enabled smart devices (heating & air conditioning, lighting, entertainment, etc.) are choices you have available to you for initial installation. Additionally, high efficiency appliances, interior and exterior lighting and energy efficient windows, doors and structural insulation are all part of the package in your custom home. No need to retrofit or pay the higher energy bills most older homes require.

3) You are not under "hurry up and bid" decision making pressure. Most people don't make their best buying or selling decisions under pressure. Whether it's the salesperson on the used car lot telling you "someone else is coming back for this beauty" or the realtor suggesting you put in a "non-contingent, no inspection required bid that's $30K above asking price" - it reminds one of the old adage: "Sin in haste - repent in leisure".

4) You get a home that checks all the boxes - no compromise required! Zillow surveyed home buyers and found that qualities such as a walkable neighborhood, reasonable commuting ease for work or school and close proximity to shopping, services or leisure activities (among other things) were very important to home buyers - and The Cottages at Mona Kai checks all of those boxes!

If you're ready for an alternative to today's overheated, high pressure home market - it's time to consider a home that is built to your specifications and needs.

Contact us and set up a time to see how a Cottages at Mona Kai home

can make perfect sense for you and yours.

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